When Mother’s Day rolls around on the 26th March, celebrate your mum with a beautiful, thoughtful gift she will never forget. We put together this handy Gift Guide with all our favourite pieces to help you put a smile on your mother’s face on her special day. 

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What’s one of the best ways to tell your mum how special she is? The first thing that comes to mind are flowers. When we gift someone flowers, we are telling them that we appreciate and care about them, but how about taking that a step further and getting something that will last forever? The beautiful Blossom Ear jackets by Rebeca Labara are the perfect gift for flower lovers, simple yet timeless. Your mum is sure to continuously think of you when she glances at her beautiful earrings.

"blossom ear jacket"

Rebeca Labara

"letter M"

Frau Hölle

Frau Hölle’s letter-pendants are beautifully dainty and personal. They can be worn in a variety of ways, for example, you can combine several pendants to represent you or your siblings. Worn close to the heart, a pendant necklace is a very special gift, add a handwritten note and it’s a sure win!

Adanna and David 

"bei-de love bracelet"

The Bei-de Love bracelet is a simple yet powerful piece of jewelry with a clear message of the heart, with a symbol that always succeeds in making someone feel loved and appreciated. Why not mix and match with a piece from the zodiac collection to create a unique gift that is sure to inspire some smiles on mother’s day.

Everyone loves a beautiful personalised gift to make them feel extra special. We recommend one of the Anna Saccone Zodiac pieces. Zodiac signs says so much about a person and it also goes to show precisely what makes them so special. Little tip from us: get your mum a bracelet with your zodiac sign, so she always carries a piece of you with her wherever she goes.

"zodiac charm bracelet"

Anna Saccone 

The Everyday Favourites Set is truly something for everyone. The pieces are simple and versatile and can be worn in a variety of ways depending on your mood and style. They are crafted in 925 sterling silver and come plated in yellow and rose gold as well making them the perfect gift for anyone.

"everyday favorites set"

Allana Davison 

"love knot necklace"

Jill & Mia 

The mother and daughter duo Jill & Mia know exactly how special the relationship between a mother and a daughter is, a bond of unconditional love and trust. The Love Knot Necklace is perfect if you want to show your mother how special she is with a symbol that stands for unity and infinity. Only the most special and unique relationships will last forever so make sure you cherish them.